Dermatology Clinic

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We perform a complete assessment of a patient and provide optimal and ethical medical care. Demonstrate proficient and appropriate use of procedural skills. Our care is characterized by up-to-date, ethical, and resource-efficient clinical practice.


Our dermatologic and aesthetic services

We are providing a wide range of dermatologic and aesthetic services including:

  • Antiaging and lifting skin injections like; fillers, Botox, lifting and rejuvenating threads, PRP, and bio gel.

  • Body fillers

  • Different types of laser like gentle max pro, lasemd, action2, spectra

  • Different types of lifting and rejuvenating machines like ultraformer, fractional radiofrequency, pollagen, hydrofacial, plexer

  • Rejuvenating procedures including mesotherapy, rejuvenating injections, rejuvenating threads

  • Different types of chemical peels

  • Haircare and treatment

Value Medical Complex renders meticulous care when it
comes to you and your family's health‎
We achieve excellence through the incessant pursuit of the highest standard of healthcare ‎
services as well as in individuals and organizational performance through creativity and innovation.‎
We have the most modern facility manned by top tier doctors in the medical field‎