Pediatric Dental Clinic

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The pediatric dental clinic provides oral care and treatment for children from infancy through their teenage years.

Compassion, comfort, and patience are what we seek for the treatment of your children and ways to help your child overcome the fear of dental clinic. 

handling Anxious patients with a variety of tactics. 

The pediatric dentistry procedures include:

  • Oral hygiene examination 

  • X- rays

  • Preventive dental treatments 《Flouride _ fissure sealants _Preventive resin restoration 》

  • Cavities

  • Tooth coloring filling 

  • Extraction 

  • Space maintaining devices 

  • Oral habit breaking devices 

  • Orthodontic evaluation 

  • Treatment under the laughing Gas

  • Treatment under General Anesthesia 

  • Dental hygiene education 

  • Treatment of all kinds of dental injuries 


Our Pedodontics staff:

Dr. Lara Shehab (Masters in Pediatric Dentistry)

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