Orthopedic Clinic

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Bone is a solid organ that forms part of the bony skeleton, it protects the various organs of the body, produces red blood cells and white blood cells, stores minerals provides support for the body, and enables movement. Bones take many shapes and sizes and have a complex internal and external structure, although the Bones are light, but very strong and solid, and perform many functions.

Our Orthopedic Treatments:

  • Knee arthroscopy

  • One-day orthopedic surgeries

  • Intraarticular joints injection with PRP,  Cortisone, and Hyaluronic acid

  • Treatment of all back and neck pain with conservative methods

  • Treatment of cartilage and tendon injuries of all joints with the platelet-rich plasma injection technique

  • Treatment painful muscle spasm of the back and upper and lower limbs

  • Treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

  • Treatment fractures and dislocations of the upper and lower limbs,

  • Treatment of scoliosis by conservative methods.

  • Treatment of all sports injuries

  • Treatment of tennis, golf elbow, and trigger finger using plasma injection

  • Treatment of all obstetric and acquired joint dislocations with conservative or surgical treatment

  • Treatment of rickets in children and osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency 

  • Treatment of flat feet in children and adults


A special section for physiotherapy

  • Physical therapy for all sports injuries.

  • Treatment of all cases of the cervical and lumbar disc with the device of structural tension or spinal pull

  • Sessions to treat neck and back spasms using a shockwave device

  • Treatment of joints sprains and muscle tension

  • Treatment of cartilage damage of the joints

  • Treatment of traumatic swelling caused by falling or beating

  • Treatment of sprained and ruptured ligaments of the knee, ankle, wrist, and shoulder

  • Postoperative joint rehabilitation sessions


Our Orthopedic Team 

  • License No. TP116209 

  • Specialist in orthopedic surgery, spine diseases, and joint diseases.

  • 10 years experience in orthopedic surgery in  Lebanon

  • Degree in orthopedic surgery and joint diseases, from the University of Beirut in Lebanon

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