Oral Surgery Clinic

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“The most beautiful smile is one of naturally healthy teeth surrounded by healthy gums”

This is what modern dentistry is about. In my daily practice, I am transferring this concept into reality, the result is satisfied patients with a beautiful natural healthy smile and a fresh breath.

By helping my patients with oral surgery procedures and root canal treatment, I am eliminating the infection sources in the Oral cavity which are positively affecting patients’ general health, which improves patients’ mood and quality of life. 

Don’t suffer in silence, painkiller tablets will not solve the problem; it is just moving it forward to the next day where it’s getting worse. 

Get in touch, gain back your smile. 

Dr. Nidham Jasim Mohamad


Our Oral Surgery Procedures:

  • Removal of infected residual roots

  • Removal of infected wisdom teeth

  • Treatment of infections around the dental implants

  • Root canal treatments and re-Treatments.

  • Apexification 

  • Apicoectomy 

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